First Aid/CPR

Course Description: 

First Aid/CPR/EMR is a general course in the principles of emergency first response, from arrival to transport. It is also geared to teach the basics of first aid, with emphasis on stabilization and transport, if necessary. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of Automatic Defibrillators will be a major part of the course with certification upon completion.

​Instructor: Ricardo Ochoa
Education: B.A. Education,
A.A. Respiratory Therapy
Professional Experience/Training: 

  • 17+ years Military Experience
  • 14 years Medical Experience
  • Middle School Science Teacher
  • Primary Leadership Development Course, U.S. Army
  • Section Leader, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course Phase 1 & 2
  • Combat Advisor School, Fort Riley, Kansas
  • U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Combat Advisory/Afghan National Army 3/2 203 IN
  • Bradley Commander / Squad Leader, A Co 2-137 IN
  • Bradley Evaluators Course, Fort Benning, Georgia
  • Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge/Intelligence Section HHC 2-137 IN